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Mzkit is an open source raw data file toolkit for mass spectrometry data analysis, provides by the BioNovoGene corporation. The features of mzkit inlcudes: raw data file content viewer(XIC/TIC/Mass spectrum plot), build molecule network, formula de-novo search and de-novo annotation.

This open source mass spectrometry data toolkit is developed at the BioDeep R&D laboratory and brought to you by BioNovoGene corporation.
DOI of ver4.1.9.5689

#Jan 20, 2023#

  • new Add mzkit background services process viewer
  • new Reconstruct of the mzkit workbench desktop application framework for implements the plugin feature, the mzkit app sotre online services is comming soon!
  • new Add custom action for view scatter 3d data on the table data.
  • new View spatial metabolism tissue spot cluster data in 3d scatter plot view
  • new Add new feature for connect to the cloud services for processing ms-imaging data analysis and visualization
  • new Add a new feature for view virtual pathology slide in tiff, dzi or ndpi format!
  • new View NMR raw data spectrum
  • new View 3D MALDI scan data, MS-imaging in 3D
  • new Add single cell metabolism data processing feature into the mzkit R# package!
  • new Merge multiple ms-imaging sample data file into one larger slide, and you also can custom the sample location layout in a super easy way
  • new Add an excited feature which you can make the spatial mapping between the spatial transcription sample slide and the spatial metabolism sample slide!
  • enhancement fixed for the possible null reference error and the index out of range error, make the MS-imaging viewer more stable
  • enhancement make improvements of the task progress UI
  • enhancement add copy text and save log output text function to the log text output window
  • enhancement Add data context menu in the spectrum matrix viewer: [Open in table view] for send the spectrum matrix to the table viewer for the further data analysis or visualization, and the [Save] menu item for export the selected spectrum matrix into an excel file.
  • enhancement Add shortcut button for launch the ms data file conversion tool
  • enhancement make improvements of the ms-imaging render output post image processing function
  • enhancement change the [install Mzkit] button from install package internally to calling the external pipeline script for initialize the R# runtime environment.
  • enhancement Add functional buttons/context menu to the peak finding page: save matrix, imports matrix and copy peak list data.
  • enhancement Add options for check sample row data normalization when do row sample data merge of the MS-imaging row scans.
  • fixed Make bugs fixed for the web query cache system: empty cache could make the empty query result always returned, now it has been fixed!
  • fixed make bugs fixed for the in-correct slide scan width and height when do background clean in manually.
  • update make improvements of the MS-imaging viewer, update to v2.0 version: do zoom, rotation of the ms-imaging output
  • update Add parameter adjustment for the peak finding algorithm page

πŸŽ‰Happy chinese new year!

DOI of ver3.6.729.1547

#Nov 21, 2022#

  • new SMILES molecule structure designer, power by Ketcher!
  • new CFM-ID workflow for run mass spectrum prediction in level2 based on the SMILES/InChI molecule structure string
  • new add plot of the phenograph spot cluster information in ms-imaging viewer
  • enhancement improvements of the ms-imaging render parameter grid: add options for turn imaging filter and ruler display
  • enhancement make improvements of the workbench home page display
  • enhancement make improvements of the UI behaviour of the polygon editor for the ms-imaging sample
  • fixed make bugs fixed for generates the gray scale color palette
  • fixed fix of the possible app crashed problem when drawing an empty polygon in ms-imaging viewer
  • update update to latest mzkit R# package
DOI of ver3.5.593.3968

#Sep 01, 2022#

  • new add tissue morphology map overlaps to MSI viewer
  • new add tissue morphology map editor feature to create custom tissue region for data analysis
  • new add HE stain image analysis module
  • new add a new general table data viewer for open microsoft excel table files
  • new add a general data visualization module for plot data based on the table viewer content
  • new add new ggplot package for data plot pipeline task
  • enhancement add data visualization template rendering for MS-imaging plot
  • enhancement enable view multiple sample MS-imaging data
  • enhancement add online pubchem metabolite database query function for the ion feature in MSI raw data
  • enhancement add data compatibility with the bruker SCiLS lab software
  • enhancement make improvements of the ms1 peak list data annotation function
  • enhancement update internal metabolite database, extends database list from KEGG only to KEGG/lipidmaps/chebi
  • enhancement make the molecular networking viewer interactive
  • enhancement add ms1 peak deconvolution function to raw data viewer
  • enhancement add peak finding analysis feature to the general signal data analysis
  • enhancement new application installer experience
  • enhancement upgrade the internal Rstudio environment from .NET4.8 assembly to .NET6.0 assembly
  • enhancement add mzwork project file for share the workspace between the device
  • enhancement make improvements of the MRM/GCMS targetted data viewer
  • fixed add fix patch script to install internal Rstudio environment
  • fixed upgrade mzPack format to version 2.0, make improvements of the data compatibility between the single sample data and multiple sample data
  • fixed make bugs fixed of the style tweaking for raw data plot viewer
  • fixed handling of the data serialization error when raw data file its file path is a windows UNC path
DOI of ver1.32.7743.6345

#Mar 14, 2021#

  • new add peak annotation result for MS matrix viewer
  • new targetted quantification linear modelling and sample quantify evaluation (required login BioDeep web services)
  • new add 3D plot of LC-MSMS MRM ion TIC overlaps plot
  • new add demo scripts into the file explorer
  • enhancement improvements of the raw data charting plot styles
  • enhancement improvements of the GCMS/LC-MSMS targetted file explorer
  • enhancement improvements of the GCMS feature ROI explorer
  • enhancement improvements of the document page model
  • enhancement add background task progress display on the status bar
  • fixed fixed of R# script editor syntax highlight problem
  • update update to latest mzkit R# package
DOI of ver1.32.7692.29666

#Jan 22, 2021#

  • new MS-imaging
  • new View MRM/GCMS SIM data files
  • enhancement Add plot tweaks function
  • enhancement Improvements of the R# scripting editor
  • enhancement Update R# interpreter engine
DOI of verv1.0.0.2-beta

#Nov 15, 2020#

  • new Mass spectrum similarity search
  • enhancement Improvements of the content project file model
  • fixed Bugs fixed of the mzkit_win32 UI
DOI of verv1.0.0.1-beta

#Oct 15, 2020#

  • new View mzML/mzXML raw data files
  • new Formula de-novol search
  • new Molecular networking
  • new Feature search
  • new R# scripting for mzkit automation
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