Data toolkits for processing NMR, MALDI MSI, LC-MS and GC-MS raw data, chemoinformatics data analysis and data visualization.

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Update History

Mzkit is an open source raw data file toolkit for mass spectrometry data analysis, provides by the BioNovoGene corporation. The features of mzkit inlcudes: raw data file content viewer(XIC/TIC/Mass spectrum plot), build molecule network, formula de-novo search and de-novo annotation.

This open source mass spectrometry data toolkit is developed at the BioDeep R&D laboratory and brought to you by BioNovoGene corporation.

1.32.7743.6345 Mar 14, 2021


  • enhancement improvements of the raw data charting plot styles
  • new add peak annotation result for MS matrix viewer
  • new targetted quantification linear modelling and sample quantify evaluation (required login BioDeep web services)
  • enhancement improvements of the GCMS/LC-MSMS targetted file explorer
  • enhancement improvements of the GCMS feature ROI explorer
  • enhancement improvements of the document page model
  • fixed fixed of R# script editor syntax highlight problem
  • update update to latest mzkit R# package
  • new add 3D plot of LC-MSMS MRM ion TIC overlaps plot
  • enhancement add background task progress display on the status bar
  • new add demo scripts into the file explorer

1.32.7692.29666 Jan 22, 2021


  • enhancement Add plot tweaks function
  • new MS-imaging
  • new View MRM/GCMS SIM data files
  • enhancement Improvements of the R# scripting editor
  • enhancement Update R# interpreter engine

v1.0.0.2-beta Nov 15, 2020


  • fixed Bugs fixed of the mzkit_win32 UI
  • enhancement Improvements of the content project file model
  • new Mass spectrum similarity search

v1.0.0.1-beta Oct 15, 2020


  • new View mzML/mzXML raw data files
  • new Formula de-novol search
  • new Molecular networking
  • new Feature search
  • new R# scripting for mzkit automation